Motivational Quotes for business Owners

July 18, 2020

Moments of inspiration and motivation can seem elusive and fleeting when you’re a small business owner. Think of how it feels when you’re on a roll: you’re focused, creative, productive, and you’re making things happen. It’s one of the best feelings in the world! Sadly, we all know these moments don’t last forever. There are times you may hit a wall. Whether it’s a mental block, a physical obstacle, the loss of a sale, or the fear of the unknown holding you back, take comfort in the fact that every successful entrepreneur and business owner has encountered a similar situation.

motivational quotes for business owners

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

How do entrepreneurs stay motivated in spite of failures and setbacks? To put it simply, successful people just don’t quit. Ever. Frequently referencing these business motivational quotes can help inspire you when you feel powerless or stuck. In times of doubt, failure, frustration, and fear, pull out some of these famous words, and recognize the problem you’re having as an opportunity to start again.

Quotes for Business Owners Starting a New Business

Do you want to start a new business? Are you unsure how to make your next big idea profitable? If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. These business owner quotes

Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.” – Oprah Winfrey

“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone. Know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.” – Dave Thomas

“Starting a successful business is not tricky. Starting a successful business does not require above average intelligence. Starting a successful business does require having a pig-headed, purpose-driven tenacity about achieving your life goals and fulfilling your life’s vision through providing products and services that offer uncompromising quality in a scalable and duplicatable way.” – Clay Clark, The Wheel of Wealth

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

“Sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure.” – Donald Trump

Motivational Quotes for Growing and Expanding a Business

Growing your business takes grit and consistency. If you seem to be in a rut while you’re working on growing your business, try innovating or improving an new area or working on different techniques.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” – James Cash Penney, Founder of JCPenney

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.” - Dennis Waitle

“There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.” - Ronald Reagan

Motivational Quotes About Finding New Customers

“A business absolutely devoted to service will have one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” – Henry Ford

“You need to spend all of your time and energy on creating something that actually brings value to the people you’re asking for money!” - Gary Vaynerchuk

“Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering and providing tremendous service to customers. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relationship.” – Henry Ross Perot

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

“Here is the simple but powerful rule… always give people more than they expect to get.” - Nelson Boswell

Motivational Quotes About Risk Taking

The fear of failing has a very real hold on many people. Fear is the number one thing that holds us back from success and keeps the majority of the working population chained to a job they don’t love. There are many people with great ideas who are too afraid to challenge the status quo or step outside their comfort zone. This is what sets entrepreneurs apart. While everyone has fears, it is how you deal with your fear that makes a difference.

“My best advice to entrepreneurs is this: forget about making mistakes, just do it.” – Ajaero Tony Martins

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” – Drew Houston

“Risk is essential. There is not growth of inspiration in staying within what is safe and comfortable. Once you find out what you do best, why not try something else?” – Alex Noble

“How many people are completely successful in every department of life? Not one. The most successful people are the ones who learn from their mistakes and turn their failures into opportunities.” – Zig Ziglar

“Study successful people and businesses, then do what they did to become successful while making slight modifications to fit your life style, your values, your business model & your goals.” – Clay Clark

Motivational Quotes for Taking Action in Business

Getting out of your own way can be the hardest part about maintaining your drive and self-motivation. Some tasks require difficult solutions and hours of work, while others just seem impossible. When a task or problem seems insurmountable, the best thing to do is simply throw caution to the wind, set aside your fears or doubts, and simply act.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” – Ralph Marston

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” – Sheryl Sandberg

“Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.” – Charles F Kettering

Motivational Quotes
Motivational Quotes
Motivational Business Quotes
Motivational Business Quotes
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