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March 18, 2017
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19-Social-Media-Quotes-for-Business-to-Live-By-[INFOGRAPHIC]-600x600-V1Ask any business leader what their favorite quote is and they are bound to provide you with something that has provided them sound guidance in their career. One of my personal favorite quotes is one attributed to Woody Allen which is “80% of success is about showing up.” It provides me the energy to engage in social media, create content, and do things that allow me to “show up, ” and I do believe that my success until now can be partially attributed to following the guidance in the quote.

Those of us that are involved in social media, whether doing social media as a business, working for a social media-related company, or simply deeply leveraging social media as a strategic tool, have a unique perspective on business. As Community Manager for the dotCEO SocialMedia.CEO community of social business leaders, I wanted to see the wisdom that our community has that can be shared to provide you with inspiration and guidance in your business lives.

Instead of asking our members for social media quotes for business for this blog post, I worked together with dotCEO, who are owned by PeopleBrowsr and Kred, to bring together a group of influential leaders to spotlight. I then researched their online content, which mainly consisted of blog posts, interviews, and videos, to look for nuggets of wisdom. The result is my personally curated list featured in the infographic below.

Although the 19 leaders are extremely diverse, it was interesting to see that the quotes that I had curated seem to fall into one of the following categories:

  • Education, especially with regards to Social Media and the Online World
  • Relationships, both with Customers and People
  • Motivational
  • Leadership
  • Technology

Although social media is the common thread between these members, just as I say in my own quote, social media really replaces nothing but does complement everything we do in the business world. We still need corporate education on utilizing social media, relationships are more important than ever, we can all use more motivation in our professional lives, leadership is a timeless quality that we all need, and the need to better leverage technology is a constant in the modern era.

Source: maximizesocialbusiness.com
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