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October 27, 2018
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Sixteen images of historical figures arranged in a grid.What makes a leader? How do we evaluate leadership? 100 Leaders in World History is a resource for teachers that engages middle school and high school students in these questions and encourages students to take a position in a global voting activity (available through February 2015). The site features extensive profiles on 100 influential individuals and classroom materials for further exploration and evaluation.

Users can navigate to leader profiles through the Leader Gallery. Profiles are a jumping off point for thinking about leadership and considering context and contemporaries. These profiles include a summary (100 words), photo, quote, biographical information (500 words), key words, list of contemporaries, bibliographic resources (both in print and online) and key leadership points that demonstrate the individual’s leadership qualities.

On this page visitors can also rate each leader based on five leadership traits (articulates a vision, motivates others, makes effective decisions, willingness to confront tough issues, and impacts history). Casting a vote reveals the ratings of NHD panelists and all other users for comparison. Connections are made throughout the site that encourage visitors to identify and explore links between historical leaders.

The Classroom Resources page provides age-appropriate teaching resources. Three instructional videos describe the selection process, introduce the site, and examine the five leadership traits. The resources also include constructive essays, posters, and lessons for use in the classroom. A campaign poster contest and the Who’s Missing page encourage teachers and students to think beyond the contents of the site and engage in an active discussion about leadership. Overall the site also serves as an excellent lead-in to the 2014-2015 National History Day contest theme, Leadership and Legacy in History, and for additional study of world leaders.

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