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May 28, 2016
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inspire confidenceSome days I need a boost in the confidence department, and powerful confidence quotes can really pull me out of my funk. When I’m feeling down, I want to feel better ASAP and lets be honest, who doesn’t? The world can be full of situations that inspire you to be your best self or push you out of your confidence zone. When I’m feeling insecure, or need a confidence boost I look to the wise words and quotes of others, then get to work journaling or thinking about how I can apply them to my life.

Confidence Quotes That Can Help You Now

I often have anxiety when I have to start a new project or attempt to finish a lingering one. When my anxious thoughts hijack my confidence, I turn to this quote by the fabulous Danielle LaPorte author of The Fire Starter Sessions and all around badass inspirational guru. Her #truthbombs pick me up all the time.

attractWhen I notice anxiety creeping into to my mind, I stop what I’m doing and make a gratitude list. Laporte has lots confidence quotes that inspire me to do just that. Not the basic “what I’m grateful for in life” type of list but what I’m grateful for in this very frustrating moment. “I’m grateful for my computer because it allows me to write words to inspire others. I’m grateful for Jen for hiring me so that I have the financial means to afford my computer and internet. I’m grateful for…” Rather than just listing things I explain why. It helps me get mindful of the gratitude around me and focus on confidence not worry thoughts.

Your Energy is Powerful

Have you ever been around someone and thought, “gah they are giving off some bad vibes” Maybe you feel like you need to take a shower or put on some depressing jams to tune out their energy. That’s because their energy is low and if this confidence quote reminds me that if I’m not careful, I could be sending out those vibes too!

fly girlWhen you are feeling insecure, the energy you send out to the world is funky. Don’t worry, you can totally shift this. What I love about this confidence quote is that it reminds me to be a vessel of positive energy. I’ve got to surround myself with things that make me radiate positive energy. I will push away the draining thoughts for a sec and play with my pup, read an inspiring book, jam out to a song that makes me happy or look up an article on a fabulous female that inspires me. When I start feeling happy or inspired, the insecurity is often offset, confidence starts to flow when you feel happy.

‘What if’s’ Will Kill Your Confidence

When you start thinking “what if, ” this is your wake-up call to start talking back to whatever is about to come up. Your confidence is about to take a nose dive. Stop what your doing and get curious about why these thoughts are coming up. Ask yourself, “What about my current situation is causing me to doubt myself? Why am I thinking in a fear based way? Is it the people I’m around, stuff from the past, what is it that is making me feel crappy?”

When you feel down or your confidence has taken a hit, look to these confidence quotes for a boost.If you cant figure it out, no worries; just remind yourself that you can ‘fly’. That’s why I love this confidence quote, “what if you don’t fail, what if you fly?” Visualize yourself succeeding in the situation that is causing insecurity. If you can identify where the negative thought is coming from, great. You can talk back to it. But if not, start visualizing what it would look like if you had no fear and things worked out the way you wanted them to.

For me, it may look something like this:

What if Thought: “What if they don’t like your talk? What if you mess up and make a fool out of yourself?”

When you feel down or your confidence has taken a hit, look to these confidence quotes for a boost.My response: “Oh hey old friend, the mean girl in my mind. If I do a talk to help others and mess up, well at least I’m trying. And the likelihood is I won’t. I’ve done well before. Plus if I mess up, I’ll show others that no ones perfect. But really, I’m not going to mess up, I’m just going to be myself and in the past that has worked”

Talk back to those negative thought in your mind. When you do (even write them out if you have to) you see how unlikely or ridiculous and unhelpful they are. Bye bye mean girl, hello confident chick!

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