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July 15, 2019
Exceptional Women s Network

2015 CWiB Conference & Networking Event Highlights

  • 100+ students
  • 60+ sponsor representatives from 25 companies
  • Keynote speeches Vilma Chan, '99, Chicago Market Diversity Leader from PwC & Liz Tilatti, '13, CEO & Founder of ZipFit Denim
  • Theme of "Dare To", with panel breakout sessions "Overcome", "Be Heard", "Seek Diverse Guidance", & "Reinvent"

2015 CWiB Conference Takeaways

  • Always be uncomfortable
  • Identify your strengths
  • Be open to feedback and understand how you receive it
  • Ask! for help, promotions, and the things you want
  • Be patient
  • Be prepared
2015 is an exciting time as women across the globe are daring to break barriers, whether it’s becoming the first female coach in the NFL, graduating from the Army Ranger School, or seeking the oval office. Join us at the 2015 CWiB Fall Conference to get inspiration, advice, and encouragement to pursue your own ambitions. What will you dare to do?

The conference will include keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive sessions, a networking lunch and a networking cocktail hour with CWiB corporate sponsors.

PictureSession Descriptions:

Be Heard

Are modesty and humility incompatible with selling yourself and being vocal? This panel aims to answer that question, with women sharing stories and advice on how to find your authentic voice and wield it. Get inspiration on how to advocate for yourself in the workplace and beyond.


Set-back. Stumble. Failure. These words are terrifying to many, but fear of failure shouldn’t stand in the way of pursuing your goals. Join this panel to hear from women that have silenced that voice of doubt and successfully overcome challenges in the workplace.

Seek Diverse Guidance

Female mentors are a wonderful resource but unfortunately there aren’t always enough to go around. This panel will feature men who have served as mentors to successful women. The panelists will share their perspectives on mentoring and coaching women in the workplace and share advice on establishing valuable relationships.


It is increasingly less common for professionals to climb one uninterrupted career ladder, with many pivoting to new jobs, industries, or work styles and environments at some point in their life. In this panel, hear from women who have successfully pursued a change and reinvented themselves.

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Chicago Women in Business Conference
Chicago Women in Business Conference
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