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June 18, 2019
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Baby names with strong meaningsIf you're looking to give your baby a name that will work in a board room, you'll need a name with both a great meaning and a great sound.

Finding that perfect baby name for your girl or boy is a big decision. However, we are here to help you narrow down your list. If you are looking for a strong, powerful baby name that shows strength and determination, you will love our picks below.

The following baby girl names and baby boy names have meanings that are powerful and strong.

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Boy names

  1. Amell - German name meaning "power of an eagle"
  2. Oswald - English name meaning "divine power"
  3. Rinaldo - Italian name meaning "wise power"
  4. Aziel - Hebrew name meaning "God is my power"
  5. Kano - Japanese name meaning "one's masculine power; capability"
  6. Ozzy - English name meaning "divine power"
  7. Edric - English name meaning "power and good fortune"
  8. Azai - Hebrew name meaning "strength"
  9. Ryker - Danish name meaning "strength"
  10. Angus - Gaelic name meaning "superior strength"

Baby names with strong meaningsMore:

Girl names

  1. Valda - German name meaning "power, rule"
  2. Comfort - French name meaning "strength"
  3. Ebba - German name meaning "strength"
  4. Jaiyana - Arabic name meaning "strength"
  5. Audra - French name meaning "nobility, strength"
  6. Audree - French name meaning "nobility, strength"
  7. Mildred - English name meaning "mild of strength"
  8. Millie - French name meaning "strength, determination"
  9. Orzora - Hebrew name meaning "God's strength"
  10. Carla - Portuguese name meaning "one who possesses strength"


Powerful boy names

Kim GrundyFrom past presidents to brilliant businessman and investors, check out our list of powerful men with equally powerful names.

  1. George - George Washington, first President of the U.S.
  2. Barack - Barack Obama, President of the U.S.
  3. Bill - Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft
  4. Sergey - Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google
  5. Michael - Michael Duke, CEO of Wal-Mart
  6. Mark - Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook
  7. Bernard - Bernard Arnauld, Chairman of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy
  8. Warren - Warren Buffett, billionaire
  9. Kennedy - John F. Kennedy, former President of the U.S.
  10. David - David Koch, billionaire owner of Koch Industries

Powerful girl names

Taking a look at Forbes' most powerful women list gives us some great ideas of wonderful names that represent strong and determined women. Check out the top 10 most powerful women as ranked by Forbes and consider naming your baby girl after these women who are great role models.

  1. Angela - German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  2. Hillary - Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State
  3. Dilma - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
  4. Indra - CEO of Pepsi (and mom of two!) Indra Nooyi
  5. Sheryl - Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg
  6. Melinda - Melinda Gates, Bill Gates' wife and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  7. Sonia - President of India's congress party, Sonia Ghandi
  8. Michelle - First Lady Michelle Obama
  9. Christine - Head of the IMF Christine Lagarde
  10. Irene - Kraft Foods CEO Irene Rosenfeld
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