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September 2, 2022
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2013 Fortune 500 Image 11c. Corporate Blogs by Rank

Since our first study in 2008, we have documented that rank influences adoption of blogging in the F500. Those corporations ranked in the top 200, out blogged those in the bottom 200. This continues to hold with 47% of all F500 blogs coming from the top 200 corporations and 36% coming from those ranked 300-500 on the list. With nearly half of all F500 blogs coming from the top 200 corporations, rank continues to be a factor in the use of this tool.

1d. Level of Interaction on Corporate Blogs

All blogs were examined to determine the level of interactivity the blog allowed. This was done by looking at the blog to see if comments were accepted, if RSS feeds or email subscriptions were available and checking the date of the last post to determine how current it was. In 2013, 79% of the F500 blogs are kept current, take comments, have RSS feeds and take subscriptions.

These blogs are kept current with frequent posts on a range of topics. It appears that those companies that have made the decision to blog have utilized the tool well. There is frequent posting, on-going discussion and the ability to follow the conversation easily through RSS or email subscriptions. While there are more blogs this year, this level of engagement has been typical. Those companies that choose to blog, use the tool effectively.

2. Comparison with the Inc. 500

In the past, the F500 companies were blogging at a lower rate than other business groups, specifically the Inc. 500. The Inc. 500 list is composed of the fastest-growing, private companies in the US, while the F500 is based on total revenue (not growth) and may include public and private companies. The Inc. 500 list is published in a special issue of Inc. Magazine in September of each year.

In 2012, 44% of the Inc. 500 had corporate blogs while the 2012 F500 had 28%. With 34% of the F500 companies hosting corporate blogs in 2013, that gap may be closing. It is particularly interesting to see a jump of 6% in blogging for the wealthiest companies while the most recent group of the fastest growing companies increased their adoption of blogging by 7%.

3a. Corporate Twitter Accounts

Three hundred eighty-seven (77%) of the F500 have corporate Twitter accounts with a tweet in the past thirty days. This represents a 4% increase since last year. Eight of the top 10 companies (WalMart, Exxon, Chevron, Phillips 66, Apple, General Motors, General Electric and Ford Motors) consistently post on their Twitter accounts. Berkshire Hathaway and Valero Energy do not tweet.

Five of the 2013 F500 companies had Twitter accounts with no activity on them. These include: CF Industry Holdings, Joy Global, Laboratory Corp. of America, O’Reilly Automotive and Omnicare.

3b. Corporate Twitter Accounts by Industry

The 387 corporations with corporate Twitter accounts come from 72 of the 75 industries represented in the F500. A partial list is presented below showing those industries with the greatest presence on Twitter in the F500. The percent of corporations with Twitter accounts varies by industry. The Commercial Bank industry has 94% and the Food Consumer Products industry has 93% of their companies on Twitter. Companies in the Specialty Retail industry have 91% of their companies on Twitter. Other industries listed have half or more of their companies using this platform.

Corporate Twitter Accounts by Industry

Number of Companies w/Twitter Accounts


Commercial Banks



Food Consumer Products



Specialty Retailers








Utilities: Gas and Electric



Aerospace and Defense



Insurance: Property and Casualty (Stock)



Motor Vehicles and Parts


3c. Corporate Twitter Accounts by Rank

Rank appears to be an influence for the use of Twitter by the F500. Eight of the top 10 companies have corporate Twitter accounts. Forty-three percent of the Twitter accounts belong to the companies in the top 200 on the list, while 36% come from those ranked in the bottom 200. Those ranked higher in the 2013 F500 are more likely to adopt Twitter than their lower ranked counterparts, following the same pattern as blogging.

3d. Corporate Twitter Followers

Ironically it is the popular Facebook, new to the F500, that has the highest number of followers on Twitter, followed by Google, Starbucks, Whole Foods Market, Walt Disney, JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines.


2013 Twitter Followers


8, 629, 741


5, 965, 743


3, 813, 472

Whole Foods Market

3, 381, 926

Walt Disney

1, 757, 871

JetBlue Airways

1, 732, 293

Southwest Airlines

1, 500, 140

4a. Corporate Facebook Pages

Three hundred forty-eight (70%) of the F500 are now on Facebook. This represents a 4% increase since last year. Nine of the top 10 companies (WalMart, Chevron, Phillips 66, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, General Motors, General Electric, Valero Energy and Ford Motors) have Facebook pages. Exxon does not.

4b. Corporate Facebook Pages by Industry

The 348 corporations with corporate Facebook pages come from 72 of the 75 industries represented in the F500. A partial list is presented showing those industries with the greatest presence in the F500. The percent of corporations with Facebook pages varies by industry. Companies in the Specialty Retail industry have 96% of their companies on Facebook. The Telecommunications industry has 88% with corporate Facebook pages. Other industries listed have half or more of their companies using it while the Utilities industry has 44% and the Motor Vehicles and Parts industry has 40%.

Corporate Facebook Pages by Industry

Number of Companies w/Facebook Pages
















Last year one hundred fifteen companies (23%) had neither a Twitter account nor a Facebook presence. This year that number has dropped to eighty-four companies (17%).

4c. Corporate Facebook Pages by Rank

Facebook pages among the F500 follow the same pattern of adoption by rank as Twitter and blogging. Forty-one percent of the top 200 have a corporate Facebook page while 38% of the bottom 200 use this tool. Rank clearly impacts social media adoption.

4d. Corporate Facebook Fans

Coca-Cola dominated for the past two years but for 2013 Facebook, new to the F500 list, has the most Facebook fans. Coca-Cola followed with 66, 875, 169 fans. Walt Disney, Starbucks, WalMart and Target all have more than 20, 000, 000 fans.

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