American Women leaders

February 16, 2017
American women leaders

Last year, over 150 industry leaders gathered in Boston to innovate, motivate, and to shatter the glass ceiling. Be part of this supportive community of women in the life sciences legal space, and build enduring sponsor and mentor connections with peers facing the same professional challenges and opportunities.

Inspired… reinvigorated… encouraged to move forward…. these are the ways attendees of ACI’s Women Leaders in Life Sciences conference described feeling after the event. This year’s program, featuring an unprecedented lineup of women leaders throughout the life sciences community, promises to do even more to empower women in this space and to give women attorneys the skills necessary for continued success.

Engage in woman-to-woman networking and position yourself as a leader while taking part in high-level discussion of the key legal developments for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

It is a clear business imperative that life sciences companies and the law firms representing them must attract and retain female talent. This conference will help reinforce the representation of women in leadership roles by forming new connections amongst women leaders as well as providing a forum for candid discussion of gender stereotypes and other implicit obstacles to advancement. All presentations, a mixture of both professional development and substantive legal topics, will be tailored to help women take their career to the next level.

Highlights of this year’s event include:

  • Leadership strategies from over two dozen COOs and CEOs, General Counsels, Chief Legal Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, Senior Regulatory Counsel, Chief Litigation Counsel, and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
  • Insights from a panel of women in government regarding their priorities vis-à-vis life sciences companies
  • Practical and tangible professional development skills featuring advice from several law coaches
  • Networking opportunities through a mentorship program, introductory welcoming exercises, luncheons led by ACI’s Women Leaders in Life Sciences Law Advisory Board, and a cocktail hour featuring discussion on defining success for yourself
We look forward to seeing the continued positive changes coming from the women in this group, and hope you will be part of the community. Additionally, please join the ACI: Women Leaders in Life Sciences group on LinkedIn to ‘meet’ your peers prior to the start of the conference and to be part of the conversation.

Register now by calling 888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563 or registering .

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