Top Women in Business

October 21, 2022
Top Women in Business

As a leading organization for working women, the American Business Women’s Association takes recognition to a national level with the prestigious Top Ten Business Women of ABWA program.

The Top Ten is the highest honor awarded to a member in ABWA. These women are applauded for their career accomplishments, community involvement, and of course, their contribution to ABWA. The Top Ten represent the best of our Association.

Name: Maria Martinez - 2015 American Business Woman

League: Lakeland Downtown Chapter
Occupation: Personal Development Coach/Owner; INNERactive Coaching LLC
Member Since: 2010

Having lost 80 pounds, Maria Martinez won a huge battle with weight and self-confidence. With that, she started her coaching business to empower others to identify and conquer their own fears and personal demons. Inspired by the possibilities and maintaining a “can do” attitude, she is also merging recruiting/career development for Kelly Services in addition to her own small business as a personal development coach.

“In 2010 I needed to tell my story and ABWA became my lifeline, ” said Martinez. “New in business, ABWA reinforced the importance of public speaking, networking and concepts that shaped me as an entrepreneur. I struggle with the responsibilities of work, business and life but my involvement with ABWA keeps inspiring me

Name: Barbara Chatzkel

League: Valley of the Sun Express Network
Occupation: Owner, New River Group
Member Since: 2010

The recession hit the Phoenix metro area very hard and from 2009 through 2012 Barbara Chatzkel, Owner of the New River Group, did job transition coaching for many talented and recently unemployed managers. This is one of the hardest coaching situations since so much is on the line – money, the house, self-worth and relationships to name a few. Through a lot of empathy, skillful guiding and establishing accountabilities, Barbara is please to say that all her clients returned to employment at appropriate levels.

“As a sole proprietor, I have no business partner with whom I can discuss ideas and issues hoping to make my business better, ” said Chatzkel. “The ABWA Valley of the Sun Express Network members have become my business sounding board. Every month, in addition to listening to a great business speaker, I get to meet with my ‘board of directors’ who are always interested and ready to pitch in.”

Name: Michelle Crone

League: Forks of the Wabash Chapter
Occupation: Business Banking Administrative Manager; Wells Fargo Bank
Member Since: 1996

In her role as Business Banking Administrative Manager for Wells Fargo Bank, Michelle Crone and her team manages the district which consists of five office locations in northern Indiana. She also supports eight bankers and one Business Banking Manager throughout the district. Since her time in this position, during three annual audit reviews her district received a fully acceptable rating of 100%, which is not handed out very often.

“I have grown in my professional life because of my involvement in the American Business Women’s Association.” states Crone. “My experiences in ABWA have allowed me to overcome shyness, build self-confidence, become comfortable with public speaking, improve my listening skills with my family and achieve my goal of a college degree. ABWA also builds community leadership skills – which has led me to serve as Board President and Special Events Chair for Habitat for Humanity.”

Name: Julia Fiedler

League: Charisma Charter Chapter

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